Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers confirmed distribution of land Over the Bank.

angelmeyers09072016Claim that procedure were followed and that the Ministry aimed at “Young Professionals — Still no Infrastructure in place.

PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers tried his best to explain the procedures he followed when taking office some nine months ago. The Ministers claimed that whatever he does he did it in a transparent way. He said when he took office he met a transitional document that showed that government had received the property and that discussions were held to have the property Over the Bank sub-divided and prepare terms of reference for the infrastructure.
Meyers said he discussed the Over the Bank property with the Secretary General of his Ministry he was informed that they Ministry was busy with the assessment of the property.
He said the property is divided into two sections, one part that is built (developed illegally) and a vacant plot which consists of 50 lots. The Minister went on to explain that he receive the advice for the terms of reference in February 2016 which was published he further gave a full break down on how the process took place which he said ended by July 2016.
Meyers said that the Ministry received up to 300 requests for land Over the Bank. He denied that he did not give out land just because there is an election in a few weeks. He said that the distributing the land Over the Bank is part of the master plan for young professionals. He also mentioned the homes that will be built for sale especially for young professionals. Meyers said that he is not part of any election gimmick.
When asked why he waited until now while there is an election to distribute land, the Minister then said there was a court case, and other hindrance, asked about the infrastructure for the property he said that is going on a bid. When asked by SMN News how did he select the 50 persons that are allotted land from the 300 applications since he said there were applicants since 2011, the Minister simply could not give a clear answer, he said that when he asked the Ministry for the list of applicants he was given a list that had persons who applied from January 2016 and some of the people that applied in 2011 re-applied. Meyers said there were some criteria, one being if the person that applied owned land then they are not entitled, and the selection was geared towards young professionals.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers confirmed distribution of land Over the Bank.