Minister VROMI says that he has been getting complaints from all districts on the collection of garbage.

angelmeyers01062016PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers clarified with SMN News on Wednesday that he receives complaints from people from all the districts regarding the collection of garbage. He said he got complaints about Cole Bay and other areas and each time he would have his staff contact the haulers and they would then go and clean up the areas. However, he has been getting more complaints from people from parcel 5 and 6 and each time he has to call on the hauler of that area.

He said the collection of garbage is not a perfect situation however, he gets the feeling that the hauler for parcel 5 and 6 has political backing and therefore he is not getting the matter under full control and that is one of the reason he is keeping his eyes on that area. He said that he is not interested in who has political backing, all he wants to see is results and further to that he does not have to call a hauler every day for the same problems. The Minister said that the hauler parcel 5 and 6 is lagging behind in his opinion. However, even though he said he will issue penalties on the hauler he is still waiting because he wants to give the contractor the benefit of the doubt.

The Minister said that the issue on garbage cannot be an issue for government and the haulers but the community have to also be fully involved, thus is the reason he feels it is necessary to work along with the community councils and CPO’s. He said in order to keep the communities garbage free, will bring about a culture change. “People has to learn how and when to put out their garbage bins and to properly dispose of their garbage.”
As for the inspectors he said they have to do more including the CPO’s. Minister Meyers said that the contractors have to find a way to work with the community councils and CPO’s in order to bring the disposal of garbage under control.

Minister Meyers did confirm that he heard of the sabotage whereby people have been dumping garbage whenever they want including bulky materials.
The Minister said he got people from his office conducting controls themselves and that he is not depending on the inspectors alone.

Asked by SMN News if the schedule for the collection of garbage have been published the Minister said he is not sure if the schedules were published but those schedules can be found on their Facebook page and the Government website.

The Minister of VROMI also explained that he already met the president of the St. Peters community council who promised to assist with public awareness on the disposal of garbage. He also mentioned that the hauler has to do some PSA and to properly inform the residents on the days when garbage are picked up.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Minister VROMI says that he has been getting complaint from all districts on the collection of garbage.