MP Christopher Emmanuel says that he has nowhere to go.

chrisemmanuel17052016“I got where I am today thru the NA”

PHILIPSBURG:— Member of Parliament Christopher Emmanuel who ran as the number 4 candidate on the National Alliance slate denounced the rumors that are circulating on mostly social media that he intends to leave the National Alliance and become an Independent Member of Parliament. Emmanuel said he has a good idea as to who started that rumor and he also said that someone created a website in the name of his website and they have posted all sorts of things which he considers to be utter nonsense.

The MP said that he got where he is today since he became a member of the National Alliance. “I am the third highest vote getter on the NA slate, I could not muster 50 votes while I ran for on the PPA slate four times but his votes doubled the very first year he ran on the NA slate a party his late mother supported during her lifetime.

Emmanuel said being a Member of Parliament he is not able to help his people the way he would want to, he said everyday people are calling on him and sharing their problems with him and the only thing he could do is call Ministers to parliament. However, he said he only sent one text message to someone within the National Alliance and told them that he would appreciate being a Minister where he could really work for his people, other than that Emmanuel said he never discussed any of this with the party leader William Marlin.

“There is one thing I have to say, the National Alliance in government and this way they could govern and move the country forward and I have no qualms with whom my party leader chose to form a government with, the idea is to be in government and not in opposition.”

Emmanuel went on to explain that there are people doing voice overs and placing it on the social media but that is the least of his problems. He made clear that he has nowhere to go and that he got where he is today thru the National Alliance.

Source: St. Martin News Network
MP Christopher Emmanuel says that he has nowhere to go.


  1. Liar, liar pants on fire!! Schoolchildren who were at the meeting say you threatened to leave with your seat if u didn’t get a Minister seat!