MP Frankie Meyers lambasted the Dutch for using the long arms of the law to harass locals.

franklinmeyers12122016PHILIPSBURG:— Member of Parliament Franklin Meyers used most of his speaking time during the budget debate to speak out against the constant arrests taking place on St. Maarten. Meyers said right now only the “blacks” on St. Maarten is being targeted. He mentioned the names of the various owners of houses of repute that were arrested even though the government is making monies from the “girls” that comes to the island to work. He said government issued permits to the owners of these businesses, they make monies from the owners and the “girls” yet government sit back and allow the Dutch namely the law enforcement wing targeting locals. MP Meyers said that the moment a local is rising to the top they become a target. He said his brother Etienne Meyers was in police custody for 32 days and he was denied a visitor. Besides that he said that recently the owner of Checkmate Security was arrested simply because that “black man” has monies and the Dutch wants to know where the blacks on St. Maarten getting the monies from.
Meyers said that during his screening process the VDSM wrote a report that is full of lies, and the worst part is that he cannot contest the contents of the report. Meyers said that VDSM claims he is part of the sex industry, something a blatant lie. Meyers said that in the same report that VDSM wrote that he is doing business with a ‘mafia boss’ Francesco Corallo because he rented his casino license to Corallo. MP Meyers made clear that there is a court verdict that prohibits people from labeling Corallo as a ‘mafia boss’ because there is no evidence or proof to support such, yet VDSM and the RST address the businessman as a mafia boss. MP Meyers said while locals are forbidden to speak or do business with Corallo, the Dutch themselves such as the RST renting apartments from the same person they are calling a ‘mafia boss’. MP Meyers kept calling on the Members of Parliament and Ministers do what they need to do to protect the people of St. Maarten. He said the Dutch is after the people of St. Maarten.
He also mentioned that on Monday, during the Parliament meeting two Dutch men walked into the Parliament building (RST agents) to interview MP Brownbill. MP Meyers said that Parliament has a chair and he cannot understand why the RST or the prosecutor’s office did not send a notification to say they wanted to speak or interview MP Brownbill. He said that this is not normal. However, spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office said that the two officers went to Parliament to make an appointment with someone that was in Parliament on Monday and they did not interview anyone.

Source: St. Martin News Network
MP Frankie Meyers lambasted the Dutch for using the long arms of the law to harass locals.


  1. The Dutch cleaning house. Good to see. The local politicians have reaped the rewards long enough. Hopefully this continues and the Dutch actually begin running this island. Members of Parliament be warned.

    • I agree. The money these rulers are making off the backs of workers and local business owners. They get a cut of everything. Skim off the top…Not hard to figure out…From the baggage claims at the airport to the service fee paid on every charge. You want to open a business? Put up a hotel? You will be paying big $$$ under the table. Ask the Westin what they paid to come into St. Martin. Disgraceful….