MP Lake calling on outgoing parliament members to show political maturity

PHILIPSBURG:— MP Lake would like the outgoing Coalition of Parliament to show some political maturity and finish the people’s business on a high note. It is what it is and there is a new Coalition in which we have to respect their decisions and choices based on our laws and not on the people’s wishes. Everything in life is for a reason and I believe in Psalm 46:10, be still, and know that there is a God.

I wish the new NA/UP Coalition well and for them to continue the works of the people by passing laws and drafting legislation in the general interest of the people. The people have voted for you to be representatives for them in Parliament.

As an outgoing Member of Parliament, I would like to see my two motions of recognizing the University of St. Martin by processing the draft Tertiary law which is going through the legislative process as a National University and increasing their subsidy in the draft budget 2017 to 3 million guilders to hire the right staff and faculty.

It’s a national shame 25 percent of our draft budget goes towards education and less than 1 percent goes towards our University. Some of our local foundations get more subsidy from government than our University for higher learning. With the extra funding the University can also expand and build dormitories to accommodate and market towards the neighbouring islands.

I also would like to see my other motion to the Minister of Vromi based on the agreement signed with Rainforest where government should make sure that Rainforest establishes our first Nature Park and Agriculture Station within Emilio Wilson Estate.

Government can’t give away our history, culture and heritage for nothing. We have to safeguard some of our history for our children and grandchildren to teach them our history and culture.

Government has to respect the agreement with local businessman Henry Brookson for his local development on the area.
I also would like to see the draft harmonization law which is at the moment by the Council of Advice to go to parliament; the tertiary draft law, and other coalition draft laws passed in Parliament.

In closing, as Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee of Parliament, we requested Government to approve the assigned location for the new Parliament Building and this should be handled as soon as possible.

Source: St. Martin News Network
MP Lake calling on outgoing parliament members to show political maturity