MP Lake says we need to raise the bar in Parliament.

mauricelake29072015PHILIPSBURG:— As a Representative of the People and with a high attendance record for attending meetings, I find it very unfortunate the type of games we play in Parliament.

I find it simply amazing how the presidium of Parliament scheduled meetings this week knowing that there will be no quorum because some Members of Parliament (MPs) are off island attending a conference for the same Parliament which sent several MPs to the conference.

I was called by Parliament to attend a conference off the island with MP Christophe Emmanuel and MP Dr. Lloyd Richardson. How come it was not mentioned in yesterday’s Central Committee Meeting with notice for the three MPs attending the conference in which Parliament sent us to represent St. Maarten? Why weren’t the meetings scheduled for next week when all MPs are back on the island?

I take my job very serious and have a high attendance record of Parliament meetings.
In the past, I lead by example and signed in for every meeting even if to give the opposition a quorum for their meeting.

Before writing an editorial, editors should get the facts straight before labeling by saying the MPs that didn’t show up are wasting other MPs time when it is not true. We need to raise the bar and also get the two sides of the story before reporting the news. Today, we report front page news without hearing the other person and when they hear the other person with facts, they put it page 8 or 9 news.

In closing, we need to raise the bar in Parliament and understand our role as MPs which is legislating, drafting and passing laws; understanding the rules of order, representing St. Maarten abroad and inviting Ministers to Parliament to explain to the people about their projects instead of playing these games in the people’s house which only makes Parliament look incompetent and waste our invited guests time.

Source: St. Martin News Network
MP Lake says we need to raise the bar in Parliament.