MP Maurice Lake visits landfill on Thursday. Wants to see a more improved plan of action for the landfill.

mauricelake29072015PHILIPSBURG:— As a Member of Parliament and supporting the Coalition of Eight, the landfill has my concern and full attention, and I would like to see Government enforce a more improved plan of action to maintain the landfill fires in the general interest of the people. It’s time for action and accountability.
There needs to be a better fire monitor program in place to detect potential fires and then take immediate action to stop the fire from building and getting larger. This is a nuisance for the residents around the Philipsburg area especially those who are affected from the landfill. I take this opportunity to apologize to them for what is going on and this has the Minister of VROMI full attention to make sure the landfill is properly monitor on a day to day basis by the contractor.
Action speaks louder than a word, that’s why today as a community spirited person, I decided to go on top the landfill to get a better feeling and get a first-hand look of what causes these fires, and hear it from the operator on the dump to see how Government can put better measures in place and enforce any penalties to address the situation. This is a serious health hazard and we can’t take it lightly of the management and security of the dump.
I also would advise the Minister of VROMI to meet as soon as possible with the operator and the Ministry of VROMI to look at more improved ways of managing and inspecting the landfill and to start recycling on the landfill. If penalties have to be issued because the contract is not being followed, then that route should be considered. The garbage needs to be separated from now and a plan of action should be put in place this year and executed. Flammable waste should be put in a secure area.
dump29042016The Minister of VROMI will be getting NV GEBE restructured within the coming weeks to address the high priority issue of Waste to Energy.
The landfill (dump) is a high priority for me and especially the health hazard and effect it can have on the community. I would like to commend the Nature Foundation for executing a survey to assist Government with the health risk it creates around the Philipsburg area and neighbouring districts.
I can assure the general public that the Minister of VROMI will have a meeting as soon as possible with the landfill contractor and his ministry to improve the management and inspection on the landfill to reduce the amount of fires on the landfill until we get the Waste to Energy Facility in place.

Source: St. Martin News Network
MP Maurice Lake visits landfill on Thursday. Wants to see a more improved plan of action for the landfill.