MP Wescot-Williams demands an explanation on government’s handling of the PJIA affair; wants clarity on the suspension of Dexter Doncher. | SMN NEWS

sarahwescotwilliams05052013PHILIPSBURG:— The MP is of the opinion that it would be too simple to assume that with the reinstatement of Brian Mingo and the suspension of the MD of the PJIAH, Mr. Dexter Doncher, everything is back to normal.
In her view, too much intrigue has surrounded this entire saga from the get-go.
Foremost on her mind is therefore the question: Why only now?
“Why suspend the MD now, when the PJIAH has openly been on this path since at least December 3rd, with their letter demanding the resignation of Brian Mingo? This letter implicates the government in a big ...

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