National Detectives Department investigates shooting incident.

Police Officer Ellis under investigation for violating police instructions.

PHILIPSBURG:— The National Detectives Department (Landsrecherche) has initiated an investigation called “Blue Tang” into Saturday’s July 30 incident whereby in the area of Cole Bay a female suspect drove away with a police vehicle. In order to force the suspect to stop the vehicle, shots were fired by a police officer.

The officer G.A.G.E. (26) is suspected to have violated the police official instructions (“ambtsinstructie voor de politie”) by firing his service weapon at that moment and has been heard on Wednesday, August 3 by members of the National Detectives Department. The police vehicle and the service weapon of the police officer have been confiscated by the National Detectives Department in light of the ongoing investigation.

The Blue Tang investigation is separate from the criminal investigation against the female suspect J.J.W. (32) who drove away with the police car and is suspected of attempted manslaughter, attempted aggravated assault, theft, resisting arrest, disobeying a direct order and destruction. On Wednesday, August 3 the Judge of Instruction remanded J.J.W. to custody for eight (8) days.

Source: St. Martin News Network
National Detectives Department investigates shooting incident.