NA/UP Coalition already nominates candidates for the various Ministries.

PHILIPSBURG:— The newly formed NA/UP coalition government that was formed early Tuesday morning after the results of the September 26 parliamentary elections were released already appointed the candidates that will be taking up the Ministerial positions. Coming for the National Alliance will be William Marlin – Prime Minister, Richard Gibson Sr. Minister of Finance, Silveria Jacobs Minister of Education, Rodolphe Samuel Minister of VROMI, May Lyn Chun Minister of TEATT, Minister of Justice Roland Duncan, Minister of Health Dr. Lloyd Richardson, Minister of Plenipotentiary Josianne Artsen Fleming while Jules James will be the president of parliament.

While it is heavily circulating that MP Christopher Emmanuel from the National Alliance slate has left his party because he is not in agreement with the decision taken by the party leader to form a government with the UPP, SMN News learnt that the information that is circulating on the social media has no bearing since Emmanuel was present during the National Alliance meeting at the National Alliance headquarters on Tuesday and he did not make any objections to the decision taken by his leader.

SMN News also learnt that Emmanuel was not too happy with the decision but chose to respect the decision of his party leader. SMN News further learnt that Emmanuel wanted to become the Minister of VROMI but he was not selected to take up the Ministerial position. SMN News made several phone calls to Emmanuel on Tuesday for a comment but he could not be reached.

SMN News also learnt that Prime Minister William Marlin met with Governor Eugene Holiday to see if Governor Holiday will disband the current coalition and make the current cabinet a caretaker cabinet until the incoming Ministers are sworn in.

Other information reaching SMN News states that the leader of the National Alliance William Marlin was trying his best to maintain the current coalition but the demands from the USP was too much, the source said the USP wanted at least three Ministries, and they also wanted to keep the DP out of the incoming coalition. Besides that it is understood that one of the conditions the USP had on the table was to get rid of the current Minister of Finance Richard Gibson Sr. whom they felt was too hard and not allowing the coalition partners dictate how to spend government monies irresponsibly. The source said that the USP was demanding the Ministry of TEATT, the Ministry of VROMI and VSA.

According to information reaching SMN News states that Prime Minister William Marlin had to deal with some heavy demands from his coalition partners during the last nine months and several times he was told by some of the coalition members that they would throw down the government if they did not get the things they were demanding but the Prime Minister managed to keep the government intact until the election. However, so far Marlin or none of the other coalition members have not been commenting on the situation.

Source: St. Martin News Network
NA/UP Coalition already nominates candidates for the various Ministries.


  1. Let’s see how long it will take for Theo to reverse the open bidding on the hospital and have his buddies at VAMED build a $ 100 million dollar, including all commissions, hospital at the expense of the tax payers of SXM!