NIPA board clarifies current situation at Institution | SMN News

~ Government was informed of the 2021 amendments.~


Board members of NIPA, Cindy Lee Doran, Anushka Friday, Elroy Hughes, Peggy Ann Dros Richardson, and Benjamin Ortega.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Supervisory Board of Directors of the National Institute of Professional Advancement (NIPA) made clarifications on Monday at a press conference regarding several issues highlighted in a recently published article.
Chairlady of the Board of Directors Peggy Ann Dros Richardson labeled the published article as erroneous when she pointed out that several articles in the articles of association were amended in 2021. Dros Richardson said the amendment process began in June 2020 and was completed in March 2021. The amendments she said were sent to the Government of St. Maarten in 2021.

This she said was done during the reporting period, while the amendments made in December 2022 will be submitted in February 2023.

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