No Agreement reached yet with former Director of PJIAE on Consultancy contract.

ingridarrindell18052016Supervisory Board members to be replaced as their term expires — Labega being considered to be hired as consultant for STA.

PHILIPSBURG: — Minister of TEATT Ingrid Arrindell in a response to a questions posed by SMN News states that she personally is not involved in the negotiations with former Director of the Princess Juliana International Airport Regina Labega on the consultancy contract she wants. Labega’s who was sent home because she failed the process contracts ends at the end of June 2016, thus she will not be receiving a salary from PJIAE after that. Minister Arrindell said Ms. Labega was in discussions with the chairman of the supervisory board and the caretaker of the shareholder company to discuss a consultancy contract. Minister Arrindell said that Labega forwarded a consultancy proposal to the Supervisory Board and they discussed it in December 2015, however, since then she did not get an update on the negotiations. Minister Arrindell said up to Tuesday she enquired about Ms. Labega’s position and she was informed that a shareholder’s meeting were scheduled to discuss the situation of Ms. Labega.
The Minister said that she also had contact with Ms. Regina Labega and she clearly asked her what were her intentions and she told Labega that her Ministry was considering negotiating with her a consultancy contract to work with the recently established St. Maarten Tourism Authority (STA) and to work on the tourism development plan since Labega has a vast amount of experience that could assist the Supervisory Board of STA. The Minister also stated that she was informed that the operating board of PJIAE is looking into appointing a Director of the company.
As for the Supervisory Board of PJIAE the Minister said the members of the PJIAE Supervisory Board is coming to an end and her Ministry is looking and appointing their people on the new board. She did make clear that the vetting process which starts with the Corporate Governance Council did not start as yet even though the Supervisory Board Members term ends at the end of May 2016. When asked if the Ministry already made selection of persons, the Minister said they do have some persons in mind but their information has not yet been sent off to the Corporate Governance Council.
SMN News learnt that the persons that the Ministry of TEATT is looking to appoint as Members of the Supervisory Board are Alex Dijkoff, Marieke Van Zadellhoff, Merrill Temmer and Ravi Daryani. However, SMN News was unable to confirm if those are the persons that will be appointed to the Supervisory Board if they pass the screening process.

Source: St. Martin News Network
No Agreement reached yet with former Director of PJIAE on Consultancy contract.


  1. Why is the vacancy of the Director of the Airport not openly advertised for any fit candidate to apply for?

    Why always keep these top jobs between the cronies? SMDH