NV GEBE teams up with TPI.

PHILIPSBURG:— NV GEBE is hosting their 2017 Annual Strategic Planning Day on Friday, January 6, 2017 at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa, St. Maarten and has hired Training Professionals International Firm, TPI to successfully coordinate the event.
The day of strategic planning will focus on NV GEBE’s goals for 2017 that directly focus on, providing customers with service excellence, empowering valued team members to meet departmental goals, maintaining a positive work culture, building effective work teams and utilizing effective communication best practices. These goals have been established by the NV GEBE leadership team to illustrate their commitment to the community at large, their clients and their valued employees.
TPI was selected by NV GEBE’s management team to ensure that the coordination of the event was professionally managed and that the breakout sessions and presentations would be led by facilitators with specialization in the diverse departmental fields.
TPI, President & CEO, Dr. Natasha Gittens, stated in a recent press release. We are pleased to have NV GEBE as a client, they are a progressive organization and are committed to delivering quality services. I have enjoyed working with the organization’s progressive and highly talented management team. What I am most impressed with, is that there is a noticeable synergy that exists among them. In my opinion that is the key foundation for any organizations success, leadership working together for the greater good of the organization’s advancement.
TPI Firm, takes pride that we will offer NV GEBE with variety of specialized services in 2017, that will meet all of their organizational needs under one roof, event planning, training, consulting, coaching, staffing and professional development . We are simply the “One-Stop Option in the Caribbean.”
Mr. Chittick, CEO of GEBE stated: We selected TPI because of the fact the Dr. Gittens performed a customer satisfaction survey for NV GEBE in a very professional manner which helped the company to make the needed adjustments and changes to improve our customer satisfaction.
Second to that NV GEBE held a general assembly and in that assembly Dr. Gittens was asked to deliver a Keynote address to the entire staff, this left the workers in a maze with the level of delivery and the contents of the address. Dr. Gittens took the assembly from St. Maarten around the world and back with life examples and on how to look at life as an employee in general.
Considering that fact that NV GEBE has a new Managing Board “MB” that sees it fit to make the organization a place that workers would want to share and work in harmony. What better time is there to make a change than at the beginning of a new year? NV GEBE is a great organization that is doing well but there is room for improvements and adjustments and the MB is set forth to make the company one that will be a model. Our customers will and must feel part of the organization at the end when the services provided is above their expectation. Within NV GEBE every employee needs to feel the need to be of great service to our valued clients hence TPI and Dr. Gittens.
For more information on TPI call 526 2052/2050 or visit the TPI website at http://firmtpi.com/

Source: St. Martin News Network
NV GEBE teams up with TPI.