OPC’s harassing tourists on Jack Hill.

frenchhusslers09082016PHILIPSBURG:— At least three French nationals were seen on Jack’s Hill on Cole Bay Hill harassing tourists that stopped at the lookout point to get view of the island. The three OPC’s are operating illegally on the Dutch side are menacing the island visitors as they try to enjoy their vacation on the island.
On Tuesday morning, at least three French nationals, one female and two males were on the location. SMN News reporter approached the OPCs and asked them what they were doing at the Lookout point where visitors try to enjoy the peace and tranquility on the island. The female OPC was not at all nice as she responded very rudely saying she was doing the same as everyone else. Not only that when SMN News reporter decided to take a photograph of the nuisances, the female tourist stretched her tongue out and after that decided she too will take a photograph of SMN News reporter.
Police were informed of the illegal businesses and the harassment the island visitors have to endure at the hands of the persons at the Lookout point.
Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson said that a patrol vehicle was dispatched to the area but he was not sure if they went and if they did anything to stop the illegal activities of the OPC’s

Source: St. Martin News Network
OPC’s harassing tourists on Jack Hill.