P.P.A is committed to work hard to restore trust and have faith in the people of St.Maarten

PHILIPSBURG:—“The Peoples Progressive Alliance party ( P.P.A) will hold it’s first party Convention on Saturday July 9th 2016.
The Convention will be held at the Lions Community Center in Sucker garden from 3 pm to 7 pm”.

“Party Leader Gracita R. Arrindell states; “we are extending a warm welcome to all Candidates, their families, friends, supporters, well wishers and citizens who desire to see and help bring about much needed positive change to St. Maarten. With your presence and active support nothing is impossible to achieve.”

“The Party board and candidates are looking forward to meet with the citizens of St Maarten and share the Vision of the P.P.A. moving forward. The agenda will include among others, the election of new board members, including, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary.
The party’s goal and platform under which P.P.A will campaign for the upcoming Sept 26th elections will further be addressed at the Convention.

“We encourage any one who is eligible to vote and who want to make a lasting difference to come to the Convention and postulate for one of the seats on the new board of the P.P.A. Please remember to bring with you a valid ID or Passport to be able to sign up and register as a member of the P.P.A.”
Highlight of the Convention will be several inspirational speakers including our Keynote speaker who will be announced in a subsequent release.”

“The Peoples Progressive Alliance’s goal is to have a Strong, Stable and Secure St. Maarten. We can achieve this goal together.
The P.P.A started as a party in 2003, when we were elected into office in the then Island Council from 2003 to 2007. Our vision and commitment to the benefit of our community will resonate once more, if u come out strong for St. Maarten and its future, said the P.P.A Leader Gracita R Arrindell”

Source: St. Martin News Network
P.P.A is committed to work hard to restore trust and have faith in the people of St.Maarten