P Sarah Wescot-Williams wants hard guarantees from Government for the Uninterrupted Continuation of the Airport Reconstruction, Since They Condoned Sacking the CEO.” | SMN NEWS

sarahwescotwilliams02102015PHILIPSBURG:— MP Sarah Wescot-Williams: “I want hard guarantees from the Government for the uninterrupted continuation of the airport reconstruction since they condoned sacking the CEO.”

 Brian Mingo, the CEO of the Princess Juliana International Airport has been fired, with 2 months’ notice, and relieved of his duties immediately. This act by the Supervisory Holding Board has been long in the making and it would appear the 3-man board now feels strengthened to push through with Mingo’s dismissal, notwithstanding the warning signs that appeared following their first attempt to dismiss Mingo in December of 2020.

 The airport is at such ...

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