Pallets on the dump set on fire — Persons tried to set old vehicles on fire over the weekend.

dumpfire12092016PHILIPSBURG: — The pallets that are stored on the landfill on Pond Island was set on fire early Monday morning. According to information reaching SMN News is that someone or persons set the fire on the pallets on purpose just like they with the old tires that were stacked up on the landfill.

SMN News further learnt that personnel from the department of infrastructure management at VROMI managed to stop persons that were trying to set a fire where the old cars are parked up on the Pond Island Road. According to the information provided to SMN News on Monday morning is that persons threw diesel and gasoline all over where the old cars are parked up and was about to set it alight when VROMI personnel walked in.

The fire department already indicated to VROMI and the contractor that is managing the landfill that the fire set on the pallets was set on purpose and that there are clear indications of arson.

SMN News contacted fire officer Nico Van Dan who said that the fire is suspicious, causing him to filed a report with the police in order for them to investigate. Van Dan said he also wrote up his report which was also sent to the police to assist them with their investigation. The fire officer said when they got to the scene the fire was already big and since it was only wood he took the decision to let it burn out.

The fire department chose to leave the pallets to burn, in order to avoid excessive toxins getting into the air through smoke if the water was poured on it. Van Dan said he took that decision because the pallets were in an isolated area that it could not spread to other areas of the dump where the fire department don’t have access.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Pallets on the dump set on fire — Persons tried to set old vehicles on fire over the weekend.


  1. As we never know the real truth when it comes from Bibi, who is protecting her land lord the NA who pays her a nice sum of money to keep their propaganda transmitted at all occasions, this was the fire of today (Monday)…..what about yesterday’s HUGE fire?! Not believing these arsons stories for EVERY fire, especially because the Dump was on fire, albeit in a small manner but still emitting toxic fumes for all surrounding areas to choke on, ALL OF LAST WEEK!! So should we believe that every day some Theo supporter comes to light up the Dump? Maybe that happened a couple of times, sure I have no problem believing Theo and/or Frans would go that low and purposely choke their own people. But not all fires. And where’s the Minister responsible for this in all of this. This man always so quite!