PAR, MAN and PIN signed governing agreement — PAR hold PM post

curagovagreement02052017WILLEMSTAD:— The leaders of the PAR, MAN and PIN said in a joint press release that the three political parties have come together and formed the next coalition government that will govern Curacao for the next four years. Hopefully, with this newly formed coalition the country Curacao will have some political stability. The governing agreement entails the division of portfolios and whom will be in charge of the government-owned entities
Based on the agreement signed the portfolios were allotted as follows:-

• General Affairs and Prime Minister – Refineria di Korosu NV
• Ministry of Education, Science Culture and Sports
• Ministry of Traffic, Transportation and Spatial Planning
• Ministry of Justice


• Ministry of Finance
• Ministry of Economic Development Including Cur Oil NV, Integrated Utility Holding NV (AGUALECTRA) and Buskabaai NV
• Ministry of Social Development, Labor and Welfare
• Ministry of Bestuur, Planning and Government Services


• Ministry of Public Health, Environment and Nature

Two major positions that have not yet been filled is the Chair of Parliament and the Ministry of Plenipotentiary.
Based on information SMN News gathered the following person will become Ministers are Eugene Ruggenaath as Prime Minister,Marilyn Alcala Walle for Education, Steven Martina for Economic Development and Suzy Camellia Romer as Minister of Health. The others are not yet known.

Source: St. Martin News Network
PAR, MAN and PIN signed governing agreement — PAR hold PM post