Philipsburg Jubilee Library takes delivery of TelCell charging station.

telemdonateschargingstationtopjl23112016POND ISLAND:— The Philipsburg Jubilee Library on Wednesday took delivery of a brand new device charging station for mobile phones and other electronic devices – courtesy of mobile provider – TelCell.

The charging station is for the sole use of patrons of the public library and is located in the computer section of the facility – outside the Library’s Media Lab, which is also sponsored by TelEm Group.

TelEm Group Lead Customer Service Representative, Suraj Ramdas, officially handed over the charging station to Library Director, Ms. Monique Alberts, Wednesday morning, along with Library I.T. Coordinator/System Administrator and Media Coach, Francia Housen.

Both thanked Mr. Ramdas and TelEm Group management for the equipment, which they believe will be widely used by the many persons of all ages who visit the library daily.

“This is another addition to our library that will encourage people to visit and make use of this very useful service,” said the Library director.

Ms. Alberts has cautioned those using the charging station, that they are doing so at their own risk, stressing that they should be attentive to their devices at all times whenever they leave them to charge. Users are also advised to make a point of not leaving the library without remembering to take their devices with them, since the library will not be responsible in the event of loss or theft.

A brief notice will be placed on the charging station to remind users of their own responsibility for their devices.

TelEm Group representative, Mr. Suraj Ramdas, said there are several similar stations at popular venues and locations around the island, however, TelCell is especially pleased to have fulfilled the request of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library to have one of the company’s charging stations located there.

Mr. Ramdas credited Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Mr. Brian Mingo, with giving the green light for the placement of the new charging station, noting that it was scheduled to be located elsewhere until preference was given to the library’s request.

TelEm Press Release

Source: St. Martin News Network
Philipsburg Jubilee Library takes delivery of TelCell charging station.