Police investigating Sucker Garden Traffic Accident.

suckergardenaccident2303201PHILIPSBURG:— The Police Traffic Department is presently investigating a traffic accident which took place on Wednesday March 23 at approximately 03.00 a.m. involving a police vehicle and a private car. The accident took place in Upper Princess Quarter close to the crossing of the Sucker Garden road and Middle Region road. The accident according to the Traffic Department was a head-on collision between the 0967AAA and the police L-21. The 0967AAA was traveling from the Bishop Hill area in the direction of Sucker Garden and the police vehicle was traveling in the opposite direction.

For reason still unclear reasons the driver of the 0967AAA drove straight while going into the corner coming up the hill and collided head-on with the police vehicle. Both vehicles ended up against the wall of Sucker Garden road # 200. As a result of the impact both vehicles had major damage. There were no personal injuries. During the investigation it resulted that the driver of the 0967AAA was severely under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested on the scene and put into custody to sober up and for further investigation.

Source: St. Martin News Network Police investigating Sucker Garden Traffic Accident.