Politicians will not deter Inspection team.

Inspections will continue and those businesses that are in violation will have to deal with the consequences.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Inspection team headed by Dr. Earl Best will continue with its inspections as early as this week since the Council of Ministers did not issue a written decision to suspend the controls.
SMN News understands that the team took the decision on Monday morning during their weekly meetings to evaluate the work done last week. According to information provided to SMN News the team will revise their policy to ensure they do not hurt the economy.
The Ministry of VSA will continue with the inspection even if the other departments are afraid and do not participate.
While Prime Minister Marlin informed members of the media on Friday and clarified on Talking Point on Sunday that the Council of Ministers has no intention to stop the controls but instead they suspended it until clarity can be given as to what transpired at Maho on Thursday.
Minister of Emil Lee confirms on Monday that the Ministry of VSA will continue with its controls as normal.

Source: St. Martin News Network Politicians will not deter Inspection team.