Port St. Maarten pleased with USM/SCELL HR Trainings.

portusmscell25012016POINTE BLANCHE:— On Monday, January 18, 2016, (SCELL) The University of St. Martin School of Continuing Education and Life Long Learning kicked off their first series of Port St. Maarten’s 4 P’s, HR Training Agreement.

The 4 P’s stands for: Power Up, Positive Thinking, Practice and Performance. The contract agreement signed on December 16, 2015 between the Port and SCELL will run through December of 2016.

The program’s areas of concentration focuses on the Port’s: History and Culture; Vision; Mission; Integrity; Customer Centricity; Social Responsibility; Transparent communication; Loyalty; Dedication; Passion; and Resolution.

In addition to the Core Values SCELL’s facilitators, Dr. Natasha J. Gittens, Ph.D., CHE, SCELL’s Director and Erwin Wolthius, Head of the University of St. Martin’s Business and Hospitality Division, will simultaneously incorporate customer service excellence techniques, successful job performance principles and fostering employee bonding to strengthen the Port’s Culture.

All of the trainings are customized and directly support the Port’s Vision, Mission, Core Values, Integrity and Culture. The workshops will be facilitated to four groups of 20 employees twice a month for 90 minutes, all employees are required to attend the yearlong training every month including the Management Team.

Mark Mingo, Port St. Maarten’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) stated: “I am impressed with SCELL’s professionalism. My first impression of energy level of the facilitator, Dr. Gittens was great and her style was very down to earth and real. The training that the Port’s 79 employees will go through is a positive development in their career development and at the same time brings focus with respect to their job and building the Port’s Culture.

“I know, from my many years of experience that building a viable culture is more important than diplomas and as the great Dalia Lama so eloquently stated, “The planet does not need more “successful people.” The planet needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, story tellers and lovers of all kinds. Furthermore, we need to maintain our status as number 1 Port in the Caribbean and with SCELL’s innovative and advanced trainings we will!”

Dr. Gittens stated: I am very proud that Mr. Mingo is such a progressive leader and visionary to understand the importance of ongoing professional development for his valued Port employees. Training is an ongoing requirement for all learning organizations and should be made a priority. It enhances the culture of organizations, empowers employees to go above and beyond in their work performance and allows individuals to bond with fellow employees to build teams of excellence that directly enhance service to both their internal and external customers.

If you would like to discuss Professional Development opportunities and trainings for your organization please call, call 554-2437 or visit the SCELL website http://scell.usmonline.onl/.

Source: St. Martin News Network Port St. Maarten pleased with USM/SCELL HR Trainings.