President Hanson condemned the killing of the suspect that killed Wendy Montulet.

alinehanson17072016MARIGOT: — President of the COM Aline Hanson in a press release condemned the killing of the suspect who confessed to raping and killing Wendy Montulet.
President Hanson said that the suspect was killed less than 24 hours after he was arrested and incarcerated at Baie Mahault house of detention. President Hanson considered the killing as a deplorable act “Violence with Violence does not solve anything, and I regret the detention conditions were not safe enough that it led to a dramatic outcome. The entire community including the families have a right to the truth.”

President Hanson continued by saying that the fight against violence is everyone’s business for society, authorities and institutions have to have the right education and preventive skills, while parents needs to take up their role in educating their children. “I said a long time ago that parents needs to invest in the education of their children in order to prevent them from being confronted with the daily violence in the home, in the street, on television, on the Internet at ‘school. I still believe that love and kindness are the key to successful education. We must all ask ourselves if we invest together to permanently solve the acts of violence that undermine our society and respond effectively to the disorientation of a portion of our youth what would be the outcome when curbing crimes. The community also has to take its share of responsibility, but everyone must now question individually and acting in the general interest of Saint-Martin. I know that together we will succeed.” The suspect whose name was never released by authorities is the son of Territoral Police Alexis Carty, a resident of Sandy Ground.

Source: St. Martin News Network
President Hanson condemned the killing of the suspect that killed Wendy Montulet.