Price Change Petroleum Products.

The Government of St. Maarten regulates the prices of petroleum products by im posing a maximum price at which wholesalers and retailers can sell these products on St. Maarten.

As a result of the Court verdict Tropigas SXM N.Y. vs Land/

TEZVT (KG 59-16) t he Minister of Tou rism, Economic Affai rs, Transport and Telecommunication hereby informs t he public that effective Wednesday 13th J u ly 2016, the following will take effect

Effective as of Wednesday 13111 July 2016:

1. Revokingofmaximumpricesestablishedasof22February2016asoutlinebelow:

PRODUCT RetailerPrice ConsumerPrice
LPG(20LB) Naf18.14pertank 21.73percylinder
LPG(100LB) Naf99pertank 112.96percylinder
LPG(BULK) Naf0.97perlb 0.97perlb

2. Revokingofmaximumpricesestablishedasof18thJune2016asoutlinebelow:

LPG(20LB) Naf 20.17pertank 23.76percylinder
LPG(100LB) Naf109.16 pertank 123.12percylinder
LPG(BULK) Naf1.07 per lb 1.07perlb

3. ReinstatepricesestablishedWednesdaylOthDecember2014.Therefore thenew


PRODUCT Retailer Price ConsumerPrice
LP LP G(20LB) Naf38.06pertank 42.00percylinder
G(100LB) Naf139.04pertank 153.00percylinder
LPG(BULK) Naf1.51perlb 1.51perlb

Source: St. Martin News Network
Price Change Petroleum Products.