Prime Minister calls on Community to be prepared as the 2016 hurricane season begins.

williammarlin01062016PHILIPSBURG:— Prime Minister William Marlin called on the entire community to take the necessary precautions and prepare for hurricanes and or storms as the 2016 hurricane season began on Wednesday June 1st. Marlin urged members of the community to listen to the local news in order to get as much information on the hurricane season.
He reminded that in 1995 there were several warning but when hurricane Luis was approaching several persons did not take heed because they had several storm warnings earlier all of which missed St. Maarten. He said Luis devastated St. Maarten and therefore be fully prepared the same way they prepare for the Christmas season and other holidays.
The Prime Minister also announced that he will be leaving St. Maarten on Thursday for Cuba where he will be joining his staff where they will be attending the 7th summit for the Caribbean States. He said the association has some 28 member countries and territories. He said if all goes well he will be signing the Havana declaration on behalf of St. Maarten. He said that he expects to meet the Prime Minister of Netherlands Mark Ruitte and the Prime Ministers of Curacao and Aruba.
On another note the Prime Minister also announced that the EU funding for the Dutch Quarter sewage project has been approved. He said only on Tuesday he received a letter from the EU committee informing him that the tender documents for that project has been approved and the funding. Marlin said even though the funding has been approved the project will not kick off before December 15th since contractors from all EU countries will be bidding on the project.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Prime Minister calls on Community to be prepared as the 2016 hurricane season begins.