Prison Guards and Union Representatives acted like savages on Thursday while meeting at the WICSU Office.

williammarlin08092016Refused to meet with Prime Minister William Marlin.

PHILIPSBURG:— The office of the Windward Island Civil Servant Union (WICSU) PSU was packed to its capacity on Thursday morning when all prison guards and prison workers abandoned their posts at the Pointe Blanche Prison to meet with their unions, namely, the ABVO, NAPB, and the WICSU to discuss their grievances.
Even though a large number of prison guards reported sick and is on lengthy sick leave, most of them managed to attend the meeting that was called by the union to address the concerns of the prison workers.
While the prison guards and their union representatives did not speak to the media as they claim they were in a meeting, they also refused to even welcome Prime Minister William Marlin who left his office and went to the WICSU office to gather information and probably find solutions to the crisis but one of the prison workers that was dressed full uniform and some others asked the Prime Minister who invited him to the meeting, in response Prime Minister William Marlin said he was not invited but felt it was necessary for him to reach out to the unions and their members. Those who met the Prime Minister outside made clear to him that he was not invited and as such he could not enter the meeting. Marlin then left and went back to his office.
The meeting started around 7am and by 12:30 the prison guards and some of their members left the WICSU office and marched over to the Government Administration Building where they deposited a letter for the Minister of Justice Edison Kirindongo. After the union representatives dropped off their letter at the Department of General Affairs, they came outside and told their members, especially those that had to work from 7 to 3pm to return to work while those that have to work in the evening should report working as usual.
SMN News reporter asked the union representatives if they were willing to make a statement as to the industrial action (or meeting) they called, they said that they were not going to make any statements for now until they get a response from the Minister.
prisonguards08092016On Thursday, prisoners were left hungry as no breakfast was served to the prisoners. SMN News also learned that the prisoners at Pointe Blanche House of Detention have been locked in their cells since last week Wednesday when the shooting took place inside the prison that claimed the life of a prisoner Omar Jones. SMN News further learned that the prisoners have not seen sunlight since that day, they are denied all types of medical services such as doctors and nurses. On Thursday morning the Minister of Justice Edison Kirindongo, head of the VKS Antonio Rogers and others among others were in a meeting at the Pointe Blanche Prison.


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Source: St. Martin News Network
Prison Guards and Union Representatives acted like savages on Thursday while meeting at the WICSU Office.