Prosecution confirms receipt of requests for investigation against IND Director.

udoaron15052016PHILIPSBURG:— The prosecutor’s office confirmed on Tuesday that they received the written request and some documents from the Minister of Justice requesting that an investigation be launched on what transpired at the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJAIE) on May 5th 2016 involving Director of IND Udo Aron.
On Monday when SMN News contacted the Prosecution for a comment on whether or not they have started the investigation requested by the Minister of Justice the Prosecutor’s Office said through their spokesman Gino Bernadina that they were aware of the case but they did not get the request in writing and also they needed some documents from the Minister.
According to information provided to SMN News on May 5th 2016, the Director of IND Udo Aron return to St. Maarten with a female Dominicano who did not have a visa to enter St. Maarten. The source said that Aron did not check with the immigration officers but instead walk pass the immigration officer with the person he smuggled into the island illegally. The source further explained that a female immigration officer identified as Rosy Priest called out to Aron and requested that he follow procedures but Aron in turn told her to whatever she wants to do and she could even add his statements to her report. After that Aron then went to his friend who August Emmanuel and told him to reprimand Priest for not taking direct orders from her superior. The source further explained that Priest immediately informed her union representatives of the incident who contacted the Minister of Justice Edison Kirindongo who immediately requested that a report on the incident reached his desk before the end of last week.
The Minister confirmed to SMN News on Sunday that he did receive a complaint and that he subsequently submit a written request at the office of the Attorney General asking that an investigation be conducted in to what transpired on May 5th at PJIAE. At the time Aron was returning from the Dominican Republic where he went to participate in course regarding the issuance of visas to Domincano nationals. SMN New understands that Chief Prosecutor Ton Maan also attended that course but he returned to the island before Aron.
In an unrelated incident SMN News understands that the owner of an exotic club wrote a to Aron informing him that two of his dancers had escaped from his club and was working at another club on A.T Illidge Road. The source said one night the club owner went to the club to see if IND had acted on his letter and picked up the two dancers, however, when he arrived at the club he saw Aron drinking and having a good time with the two women that were working at the club illegally.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Prosecution confirms receipt of requests for investigation against IND Director.