Prosecutor demanded harsh penalties for Island Water World Robbery Suspects.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Prosecutor’s Office demanded stiff jail sentences for four young men suspected of committing an armed robbery on May 16, 2016 at Island Water World. During the criminal proceedings that took place on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 four of the five suspects – D.L.M. (21), T.P. (18) A.L.L. (20) and D.R.W. (19) – appeared in front of the judge of the Court of First Instance of St. Maarten.

T.P. was only 17 years old when the armed robbery was committed. The four suspects denied any involvement in the robbery. The Prosecutor’s Office, however, believed that it was legally and convincingly proven that the suspects were involved. On May 16 three armed men entered Island Water World and ordered the employees and clients at gunpoint to lay on the ground. They took approximately 2,500 US dollars and two cell phones and left in a white Toyota Yaris.

The Prosecutor stated that all the suspects have been convicted in the past for similar offenses. For D.L.M, T.P. and D.R.M. the Prosecutor asked 4 years in jail fully unconditional for armed robbery. Although T.P. was a minor at the time he committed the crime, the Prosecutor asked for the suspect to be sentenced as an adult seeing the seriousness of the offense committed and the role he played in the robbery which was equal to the other suspects. T.P. even seemed to be in charge. For A.L.L. the Prosecutor asked that he be acquitted of armed robbery but sentenced to two and a half years in jail fully unconditional for complicity to armed robbery.

Prosecutor”s Office Bulletin.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Prosecutor demanded harsh penalties for Island Water World Robbery Suspects.