Reminder: Hurricane Pass Application Process Concludes May 11.

GREAT BAY (DCOMM):—The Fire Department/Office of Disaster Management, would like to remind potential applicants that the application process for the annual Hurricane Passes for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season will conclude on Friday, May 11.

There are two types of passes, the Disaster Pass and the Hurricane Pass. No passes will be issued to business owners, only with some exemption categories as noted below.

Disaster Passes are issued to the following crucial disaster relief organizations and are valid for three years. The disaster relief organization consists of the following: Emergency Operations Center staff, Emergency Support Services staff, Crucial governmental organizations and entities involved in disaster management such as medical institutions, general practitioners and pharmacies, Red Cross, WIENS, White & Yellow Cross, National Security Service VDSM, Sea Rescue, Shelter Management, Ministers and their drivers.

The following categories qualify for a Hurricane Pass which is valid for two-years: Government personnel without a disaster pass; Essential personnel of crucial companies or organizations: NV GEBE, Seven Seas Water, Telecom and Internet providers, Princess Juliana International Airport, Port St. Maarten, Hotels and Guesthouses, Marinas, Fuel distributors and gas stations, Commercial banks, Medium and large sized supermarkets, Restaurants (those providing food services to emergency services), Importers and Wholesale Companies for perishable goods (Only requests can be submitted for refrigeration and or generator technicians).

The crucial organizations as listed above (disaster & hurricane passes) can request personal passes for their key personnel.

An application form can be requested by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Emails should include the following: Name of organization; Request for disaster or hurricane pass.

When submitting the application the following documents need to be attached:

– copy business license fee paid (or receipt) for 2017/18;
– proof of 2018 registration at the Chamber of Commerce;
– copy valid Sint Maarten ID-card of applicant;
– Nafl. 50,- in leges stamps per application (to be obtained at the Receiver’s Office or the Public Service Center), this is a non-refundable handling fee;
– One (1) passport picture for new applicants.

The application form has to be completed and submitted to the offices of the Fire Department & Disaster Management, to the attention of the secretary located at Jackal Road 5 (Office hours Monday-Friday 9.00AM to 4.00PM), Cay Hill or at the Simpson Bay Public Service Center, (Monday-Friday 8.30AM to 12.00PM and 1.00PM to 3.30PM) Airport Road 6, by May 11, 2018, with all necessary documents attached.

Applicants will be informed by email or telephone when to pick up the pass at the aforementioned addresses.

Source: St. Martin News Network