Rental vehicle stolen from elderly man.

PHILIPSBURG:— An elderly man (76) who is a frequent visitor to the island, along with his wife, on Thursday March 10th 2016, filed an official report with the police department stating that on that same day at approximately 11.00 a.m. he had parked his rental car, which is a brown Honda CRV with license plate R-1649, in the vicinity of the office of the Kadaster on Cannegieter Street. The vehicle was completely locked when he left it. When he returned approximately 45 minutes later the car was no longer where he parked it and was no where to be found.
The vehicle was stolen with a red electric “Gogo Scoot” mobile in the trunk. This electric scoot mobile is the only mode of transportation for the victims’ wife when venturing from home. At present it is very difficult for the victim’s wife to get around.
The victim is desperately asking to have his rental car and electric “Gogo scoot” mobile returned so that he and his wife will be able to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

Source: St. Martin News Network Rental vehicle stolen from elderly man.