RO plant on Souliga Boulevard to be out of service temporarily.

PHILIPSBURG:— NV GEBE in a press release indicated that the (RO) Reverse Osmosis Water Tank located on Soualiga Boulevard in front of the Festival Village will be out of use as of April 16 for approximately 3 weeks. The closure of this tank is based on the amount of traffic in that location as St. Maarten prepares for the upcoming Carnival season. Users who frequent the tanks on Soualiga Blvd are advised to make use of the storage tank located in Dutch Quarter on the McDonalds parking lot and the other located on the parking lot of AbuGhazi in Madame Estate. These tanks will be filled throughout the weeks to ensure enough water for all users.
The RO Plant was erected on that location by the Dutch to assist with the Water Distribution after Hurricane Irma. GEBE is in the stage of a completing the damaged tanks in the Cay Bay and Point Blanch area to restore normal water distribution to the island.

Source: St. Martin News Network