Road closures in connection with cycling races and Causeway Jump-Up

PHILIPSBURG:— In connection with the 4th annual Nagico to Nagico (N2N) cycling races which are scheduled to be held from Friday March 18th 2016 through Sunday March 20th 2016 the police department is announcing the following road closures:
On Friday March 18th 2016 the first race which is a “time trial” race will held on the “Cause Way” Bridge. The bridge will be closed to all traffic in either direction from 06.00 p.m. until 10.00 p.m. or for the duration of the race. Persons coming from Marigot wanting to get the Simpson Bay, Airport and Maho areas, will have to go through Sandy Ground or Cole Bay using the Union road.
On Saturday March 19th 2016 the second race will start on the French Side and will be coming to the Dutch Side at approximately 09.00 a.m. via Oyster Pond Border, Oyster Pond Road, Bishop Hill road, Tata the bus driver Round about, French border. (9X)
The final race will be held on Sunday March 20th starting at 08.30 a.m. at the Nagico Main Office on the Cannegieter Street heading to the Salt Pickers roundabout, Walter Nisbeth road, Prins Bernard Bridge, Bush road, Church Hill roundabout, A.J.C. Brouwers road, Kruythoff roundabout, Union road, Bellevue border, Low Lands Border, Cup-a-Coy, Mullet bay, Aiport Boulevard, Cause Way bridge, Border Bellevue, Tata the bus driver roundabout, Cup-a-coy, Mullet Bay, Aiport Boulevard, Cause Way Bridge, Border Bellevue.
During these races there will be police officers and volunteers (who easily identified) regulating the traffic and directing traffic. All drivers are requested to follow the instructions of the police officers and volunteers and give the necessary cooperation to make sure that the races take place without any unnecessary incidents. All drivers are also advised to take very good notice of this information to avoid any delays or other unnecessary inconvenience.
Road closures and traffic diversions in connection with the “Cause Way Jump-up”
In connection with the upcoming “Cause Way” jump-up which is scheduled for Saturday March 19th 2016 the police department is announcing the following; the jump up will start 08.00 p.m. at Kim Sha Beach on the Welfare road head towards the West Side roundabout, Cause Way bridge, East side roundabout, Union road, Welfare road and end at Kim Sha Beach. During the jump-up side streets/roads on this route will be temporarily be closed off and traffic will be diverted until the jump-up arrives at its final destination. All drivers should take keen notice of this information to avoid any unnecessary delays or inconvenience.

Source: St. Martin News Network Road closures in connection with cycling races and Causeway Jump-Up