Robert Budike, # 18 candidate on the National Alliance Slate release animation.

robertbudike05092016PHILIPSBURG:— Robert Budike, candidate number 18 on the National Alliance Slate released a very interesting animation of his program. He has been the first one who used animations to inform the electorate about his sincere intentions. This animation can be viewed on his Facebook page Robert O. Budike or via SMN news by clicking on his banner.

In short, the animation informs the electorate about the fundamentals which needs to be in place to create and share the prosperity of the island among the population and not just for a selected few.
Politicians need to look over the fence and should realize that all the rich countries have similar characteristics. When there is a perfect correlation between these characteristics it eventually will lead to prosperity for everyone once the mind-set is there. We need to build on the following characteristics:
1) Development of Human Capital or Human Resources. If only 2% of the workforce has a Masters’ degree, 20% a Bachelors’ degree and 60% a secondary type 1 degree it makes you objectively wonder about the seriousness and the priorities of the previous governments regarding tertiary education. Study financing was being granted since 1988.
2) Good Corporate Governance: Government owned companies has to adhere to certain rules in order to function properly and to boost investor’s confidence. The “If not, why not” principle is applicable when these companies are not following the rules
3) Transparency and Integrity: Directors and Supervisory board members of government-owned companies need to be accountable for their actions and needs to be of good repute.
4) Political Stability: As a young country we need a stable government and there should be no place for ship jumping for silly reasons or for personal gain
In the animations, you will notice tax and non-tax incentives to improve the small business sector (MSME) that is the back bone of the economy and to increase agriculture supply on the island. More and sufficient local supply will eventually result in a decrease of the prices of grocery items as the shipping costs will be avoided. The increase in disposable income for the working class and the less fortunate while decreasing the informal sector are of importance and he has concrete and proven methods to achieve that. Another realistic option to improve the yield of tourists in general and in particular the cruise tourists is to create more historical sites and better promote our cultural heritage by restoring the Great Salt Pond. This will have a significant economic impact as we are entertaining the tourists right here on the Dutch side where they will spend their first dollars and thus increase their yield. Working from your own strength is part and parcel of his program to diversify the economy. The export of languages, the further development of the financial and banking sector and the development of a knowledge-based society by targeted investments in our local university next to tourism will help to create other pillars that St. Maarten can build on.

Robert Budike can be reached via Facebook or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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or call him at 5245094.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Robert Budike, # 18 candidate on the National Alliance Slate release animation.