Schools to Close at 12:00 PM due to Tropical Storm Tammy. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:—  The Minister of Education Rodolphe Samuel, would like to announce that all schools (subsidized and private) have to close at 12:00 PM on Friday, October 20 due to the approach of Tropical Storm Tammy.

The situation will be monitored and if an extension is deemed necessary, the community will be informed accordingly.

Sint Maarten is now under a Tropical Storm Warning and a Hurricane Watch. A Tropical Storm Warning means that tropical storm conditions are possible within 36 hours while a Hurricane Watch means that hurricane conditions are possible within 48 hours in the warning area.

For official weather-related information, check out the website of MDS: or visit their social media page

The Sint Maarten community is urged to learn more about hurricane hazards and resources you need on how to prepare your family, home, or business for a storm/hurricane strike by visiting the Government website: where you will be able to download your “Hurricane Season Readiness Guide’ and “Hurricane Tracking Chart.” The information here is also valuable for new residents.

Listen to the Government Radio station SXMGOV – 107.9FM – for official information and news before, during, and after a hurricane. You can also follow weather-related news and information as well as national addresses by the Prime Minister, chairlady of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) by going to @SXMGOV Facebook Page.

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