Scores of Belvedere Tenants gearing up to take SMHDF to court.

United Tenants Association won the first case against SMHDF

PHILIPSBURG:— Scores of other tenants living in Belvedere Housing Project and are renting from the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation (SMHDF) plans to file a second case against their landlord SMHDF.
Monday evening the tenants gathered at the playground in Belvedere where members of the United Tenants Association (UTA) apprised them on the outcome of their recent court case.
The tenants who did not participate in the first case said they will acquire the services of Attorney at Law Geert Hatzman to petition the court since they too are living in deplorable conditions since the passing of hurricane Irma.
On September 12th Judge Alexander van Rijen visited the homes to get a firsthand view of the damages the homes in Belvedere sustained.
In his September 28th, Judge van Rijen stated that he was shocked to see the conditions of the homes the tenants were living in. He also awarded the tenants 75% of the rent since the passing of Irma to repair their homes while the tenants must pay SHDF 25% of their rent.
Tenants were also advised to pursue the ownership of their homes, especially those that began the process and has the necessary documents to support their claims.

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Source: St. Martin News Network