Semsamar aims for 10% annual electric costs for 1100 families.

edf09112016MARIGOT:— One thousand one hundred low-income families in local Semsamar housing are anticipated to shave 10 per cent off their annual electricity costs courtesy of a new go green initiative of the Semsamar and EDF.
At a press conference earlier today officials of the EDF and the Semsamar explained that close to 7,000 energy saving bulbs will be installed at these properties in an effort to reduce electricity costs for families. This initiative is also anticipated to lower St. Martin’s carbon footprint. An agreement to this effect has been signed between Semsamar and EDF officials, who told those present that the families impacted by venture this will also be provided with more information on energy saving tips that may have the added effect of reducing their outgoing expenses, thus giving them greater spending power. Young persons from within the community have been recruited as part of this project and after sufficient training are tasked with the installation of these new energy saving bulbs.
edf209112016Statements by officials indicate that Semsamar subscribes to the view that energy efficiency means using less energy to provide the same service, in this case, energy saving light bulbs as opposed to traditional incandescent bulbs. Energy efficiency often costs money up-front but in this case, the financial burden is not being borne by the families, thereby putting them a step towards the direction of reducing their outgoings and having more ready capital.
The scope of the savings will depend greatly on each family’s energy practices but a 10 percent reduction across the board has been envisioned.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Semsamar aims for 10% annual electric costs for 1100 families.