Sint Maarten representative invited to judge at European Salsa Open Final in Europe.

PHILIPSBURG:— After successfully representing Sint Maarten as a Judge for a third consecutive year at the 2016 world Salsa Open in Puerto Rico, Mrs. Paula Daal-Doño has been chosen by the European Salsa Open delegation to Judge at the European Salsa open final which will be held in Portugal early next year.

At this year’s World Salsa open final in Puerto Rico, which was held in July, Mrs. Daal-Doño has been
able to judge many of the heats and the finals. “Twice in three years a Sint Maarten Judge has taken part in the main final as a judge, it’s exciting that after a grueling week of judging that the hard work and quality were noticed and Sint Maarten was invited to Judge the Salsa Finals in Europe as well” Mrs. Daal- Doño explains. “It’s very motivating when you complete a competition and you talk with different salsa dancers from the around world at the after party, that you are recognized as that Judge from Sint Maarten.”

It must be noted that judges also compete amongst themselves for the opportunity to judge. A judge must upgrade themselves regularly and be able to show their knowledge and skills.

“The Directors of Salsa competitions will notice your quality based on your ability to take the latest trends into account, ability to spot technique, style, difficulty, repetition, rhythm, and originality. You can’t be able to do this without updating yourself all the time by taking classes with the best teachers in the world. Eventually, you will also have to defend your evaluations to disappointed competitors that have worked really hard the whole year for the event. It’s very satisfying to watch competitors who’ve taken your are advice seriously and seeing them succeed the following year” Mrs. Daal-Doño elaborates.

“I have some time before this event and will take this period to update myself by taking courses at the New York Salsa Congress which is known to have many Broadway choreographers, dancers and famous performers. Becoming a Salsa Judge has been a long journey, taking classes , learning and studying over
20 years. It’s very gratifying that after all the hard work and sacrifice, I am judging next to the people
that I always admired and at the same time, represent the island that I love.” Mrs. Daal-Doño concludes.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Sint Maarten representative invited to judge at European Salsa Open Final in Europe.