SOAB sign agreement to assess the Landfill.

soablandfill04082016PHILIPSBURG:— The Ministry of VROMI is responsible for the care of civil technical works on St. Maarten, among which is considered the management of the sanitary landfill.

Given the sporadic fires that occurred the past months on the landfill and the related public concerns, the Honorable Minister of VROMI, Angel Meyers, has requested SOAB’s assistance in assessing the current situation and providing recommendations where necessary.

The Minister of VROMI explained:
“With the results of this engagement the Ministry of VROMI is aiming to gain insight to their current risk exposure as the responsible Ministry for waste management and to ensure that the appropriate checks and balances can be implemented to minimize the risks. The ultimate goal is for the government of St. Maarten to ensure the sanitary landfill is managed optimally, which off course is in the best interest of the people of country St. Maarten”.

SOAB’s Audit Manager | Country Manager, and Drs. Candia Joseph will be spearheading this assignment within short.

Source: St. Martin News Network
SOAB sign agreement to assess the Landfill.


  1. “Sporadic fires that occur on the landfill” ?!! Excuse me but the DUMP (it’s far from being a landfill at this point), is on fire EVERY SINGLE DAY. It has been for years! Don’t believe me? Just come out of your airconditioned offices at VROMI and look at the DUMP, you can see the smoke coming off certain sections EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

    Another investigation to conclude what exactly? That we desperately need a waste to energy or plasma plant? That we need to hold to contractor responsible for MANAGING the dump: that means surveillance as well.

    This is just buying time, while the population chokes on the poisenous smoke: SXM will have a high lung cancer rate in about a decade’s time. That;s a guarantee.