Starz casino robbed — police investigating.

kpsmlogo21082014PHILIPSBURG:—On Thursday, August 17th a police patrol was sent to Starz Casino to investigate a case of theft. On the scene, the investigating officers learnt from the casino manager that three unknown men had broken into one of the slot machines and stolen an undisclosed amount of the cash. The investigation has been turned over to the Detective Department.

Two employees from Sunset Beach Bar arrested
Detectives are presently investigating a break-in at the Sun Set Beach Bar which took place during the night of Thursday, August 18 and Friday, August 19th, 2016. During the break-in, an undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from the safe. The break-in, however, was caught on the security surveillance camera. The suspects were identified as two employees of Sun Set Beach Bar. Both suspects were arrested on Saturday, August 20th at their workplace and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where they remain in custody for further investigation.
Man arrested for obstruction
On Thursday, August 18th at approximately 01.00 a.m. a police patrol was directed to Sea Breeze Hotel in Cay Hill to intervene in a matter. While on the scene the man with initials L.W. continuously interrupted the officers in carrying out their duty. The man was repeatedly warned about his behavior and the consequences. The man continued to interrupt at which time he was arrested and taken to the police station to be questioned on several misdemeanor charges.

Motorcycle riders detained
Two suspicious looking men dressed completely in black riding on a scooter was seen by a police patrol on Bush road. The patrol decided to control the identity men and also the documents of the scooter they were riding on. The rider of the scooter refused to stop after repeatedly ordered to do so by the police officers. A chase followed through the Philipsburg area. With the assistance of another police patrol,the scooter was blocked in its path. The rider could not show any documentation for the scooter. The officers decided to take away the scooter until these documents could be shown. The rider of the scooter became extremely physical by kicking the door of the police vehicle causing some damage. The suspect was then arrested for destruction and resisting arrest.

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Source: St. Martin News Network
Starz casino robbed — police investigating.