Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) found in Cape Bay Area.

GEBE exhaust pipes blowing fumes inland.

Cape Bay: — A team consisting of the inspectorate of Education Yvette Halley, the department of VSA and the fire department were dispatched to Cape Bay on Wednesday morning after residents and teachers of the Lionel Connor School began complaining of a heavy stench and fumes that have been affecting them for the past days. According to information reaching SMN News, the residents and students have been affected by throat aches and pains, the heavy stench of fumes, itching, and other side effects.

Silvainico Pauletta of the fire department confirmed that the fire department went to the location and conducted some measurements inside and outside of the Lionel Connor School. Pauletta said that sulfur dioxide (SO2) was found in the area but it is below the acceptable level of (2 parts per million). The spokesman for the fire department refused to disclose the exact level of sulfur dioxide that was found in the air, he said that will be included in his report which will be sent to the Inspectorate of Health for them to conduct and indebt investigation. The fireman stated that a solution has to be found very quickly since residents are having side effects.

Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs also stated in an invited comment that the sulfur dioxide is coming from the exhaust pipes of GEBE. She said that the fumes from GEBE engines normally blows towards the sea, but due to wind change the sulfur dioxide is blowing inland. Minister Jacobs also said based on the level of found in the area there is no immediate health threat to the residents but also confirmed residents and students are having side effects such as itchy skin, asthmatic reactions and throat infections along with burning eyes.

Minister Jacobs promised to visit the area on Thursday as the investigation by the various departments continues.

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Source: St. Martin News Network
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) found in Cape Bay Area.