Summer program for Teens ages 14 to 20 @ the Library.

PHILIPSBURG :— The Philipsburg Jubilee Library is once again hosting a vigorous and entertaining summer program for teens ages 14 to 20 from the 11th to 29th of July, 2016. If you are parents of a teenaged child and you wish for them to be active this summer and not be couch potatoes, or if you’re a teen that is bursting with energy and is willing to take on an adventurous cool summer program, come and enroll yourself or your child for the library’s teen summer program. The cost per person is only ANG 100.00.
The summer program will have activities such as poetry: spoken and the written word; a game night where all are welcome to participate and bring their own games for an amicable tournament; computer classes: the making of Clay Animation & Animoto; The reading of one book and the book discussion over the entire summer vacation; movies at Caribbean Cinemas; Kayaking; exploring the fauna and flora of the Simpson Bay Lagoon; having an EPIC talk, walk and picnic to Back Bay; and last but not least a boat ride and swimming with the fish at Tiki Tiki Hut Divi Little Bay.
The teen summer program will be a great opportunity to broaden one’s horizons, make new friends and share a wonderful experience with other teens.
During this summer program, aside from the program for the teens, there will also be the regular summer program geared toward a younger group of Children aged 7 to 13 and the DigiWorkz Summer computer camp “Sky is the beginning Summer camp 2016”, for ages 12 to 15.
Registration for all three library programs: Teens, Children and Computer camp is currently open. Space is limited, Sign up now by calling Librarian Maryland Powell.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Summer program for Teens ages 14 to 20 @ the Library.