Suspect in attempted robbery flee from police.

PHILIPSBURG:— The special Unit Robberies of the police department in the ongoing investigating of attempted robbery of the Collesium Casino, dated the 09th of August 2018 this morning August 24th attempted to carry out an arrest of a suspect in the Cay Hill area. The suspect after seeing the presence of the police at his residence fled in his vehicle. The police gave chase whereby the suspect lost control of his vehicle at the intersection of Kooyman and slammed into a vehicle on A.J.C. Brouwers Road injuring a passenger in that vehicle. The suspect in turn jumped from his vehicle and fled on foot.

In connection with the above mentioned the Special Unit Robbery is looking for Mr. Samuel Orville Smith better known as “Chris”.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mr. Smith are asked to contact the police department at the number 54-22222 ext 203 or 205 or they can call the cell number 1721-5567498.

Source: St. Martin News Network