Suzy Camelia-Romer Placed Under Supervision of the Dutch.

olivierarrindell15062016PHILIPSBURG:— Because inspection by Dutch aviation authorities has established that the Civil Aviation Authority in Curaçao is not based on the law but on arbitrary decrees of minister Suzy Camelia-Romer and therefore illegal, whereas parts of the local legislation on aviation is probably not in compliance with international aviation standards, the Dutch government has now placed the civil aviation in Curacao under Dutch supervision.

The lack of a sound and transparent structural organization of the Civil Aviation Authority and its supervision of the aviation business in Curaçao have led to this situation. The only person responsible is minister Suzy Camelia-Romer who has held the tenure for civil aviation for a year now and, notwithstanding our warnings, has spent well over ANG 2.000.000 upholding Oscar Derby as the also illegal head of the Civil Aviation Authority. ANG 2.000.000 down the drain, without even the most basic document in order for Curaçao to ever reach the FAA Category 1 status, i.e. an approved business plan for the Civil Aviation Authority, being in place.

Now it has even resulted that the Civil Aviation Authority has neither inspectors nor a Director of Safety in its employment, but rather has consultants, with limited experience in the field, working as inspectors.

It has now also resulted that there are one or more inspectors engaged by the Civil Aviation Authority doing private commercial business with the private company Insel Air. This, in the meantime, has also led to the firing by Insel Air of its Head Maintenance, Mr. Oduber, who, together with his partner/spouse, who is also employed by Insel Air as its representative in Colombia, and a former employee of Insel Air, a certain Diangelo Maduro, who was to be appointed in the position with Insel Air presently held by Mr. Juny Sluis. Oduber, his partner/spouse Liz Castaño Tamayo and the said Maduro are engaged in the sale and other business deals with the inspectors of the Civil Aviation Authority in question via their company M & O Aviation Services N.V..

The same Insel Air, which, in the past, has instructed minister Suzy Camelia-Romer in writing not to grant an economic license to AVA Airways. Surprisingly, the Public Prosecutor in Curaçao has refused to investigate this matter of public servant corruption, which leads us to the conclusion that also the Public Prosecutor in Curaçao is a corrupt organization, which, same as Suzy Camelia-Romer, the Civil Aviation Authority, Oscar Derby and Insel Air, need urgent political attention and criminal investigation of itself.

Another reason found to impose the Dutch supervision was found in the fact that out of the total of 80 pilots employed by Insel Air no less than 45 have left Insel Air. The remaining pilots, at a certain point, due to the lack of safety with the aircraft of Insel Air, refused to fly the hazardous Insel Air aircraft and grounded these. In the meantime this situation continues to exist while all of the US$ 33.000.000, which the Curaçao government, represented by again the same corrupt Suzy Camelia-Romer and her cronies, minister Rhuggenaath and minister Gijsbertha, has gifted to Insel Air will evaporate in payments for the wet-lease of aircraft for Insel Air, while Insel Air has refused to grant the Dutch supervisors each and all insight into the wet-lease agreements with Dominican Wings, Surinam Fly Allways, Venezuela Estelar Latino America and Swift Air. It is, therefore, justified to conclude that this US$ 33.000.000 will disappear in the pockets of the gangsters headed by Suzy Camelia-Romer, whereafter Insel Air will most likely be declared bankrupt with the loss of their jobs for the Insel Air employees. Again US$ 33.000.000 down the drain. The Dutch supervisory authorities have established that minister Suzy Camelia-Romer has not undertaken any or any recognizable action to turn the negative tide within Insel Air or the Civil Aviation Authority. Mrs. Suzy Camelia-Romer has not only tolerated this gangsterism but has stimulated it and also participated actively in it.

Olivier Arrindell.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Suzy Camelia-Romer Placed Under Supervision of the Dutch.