SXM Airport to accommodate St. Maarten Airways in its bid to offer on-demand service.

sxmstmaartenairways27102015SIMPSON BAY:—- The management team of Princess Juliana International Airport, SXM, will do all within its powers to accommodate St. Maarten Airways, a completely local enterprise that is seeking to offer on-demand charter service from the airport. This was the result of a recent meeting between a delegation of the new airline and SXM management.
SXM Airport will be looking into granting the St. Maarten Airways vehicle access to the baggage and transport areas as well as the Executive Lounge for the VIP services the airline intends to offer.
St. Maarten Airways aims to start operations around Thanksgiving Day with one aircraft and intends to acquire two additional BN-2 aircrafts from the Dominican Republic. It will be offering on-demand chartered VIP services to destinations such as Saba, St. Barth’s, Nevis, Tortola, Anguilla, and Barbados.
“We welcome the initiative of St. Maarten Airways and would be happy to assist the company as much as possible,” said Regina LaBega, SXM Airport managing director.
According to Rolando Brison, Managing Director of St. Maarten Airways, “The airline aims to offer safe and efficient operations for the island of St. Maarten for on-demand travel.”
“We are committed to giving opportunities to locals first to be a part of this airline’s workforce, management and ownership,” said Brison. He added that the airline is a “genuine local initiative” that will offer career opportunities.
St. Maarten Airways discussed ways in which the airline could work closely with the airport and other airlines to service their route. “When other airlines coming to St. Maarten fail to deliver, it reflects poorly not just on the airline but on our airport and overall aviation product. This is why we will offer deeply discounted rates to other local airlines so that our small fleet can assist them wherever the need arises.”
Brison expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to meet with SXM Airport officials. “I think it is a great honor to have been in the same room with people who have so much experience in aviation, and showing their interest in helping me as a young St. Maartener make this dream come true. I have to really thank Ms. LaBega, Mr. Donker, Mr. Hyman, and everyone else who attended the meeting for taking the next big step in getting SXM Airways started in St. Maarten.”

Source: St. Martin News Network