SZV Announces New Service: Walk-In-Wednesday

szv31072016PHILIPSBURG:— Social & Health Insurances SZV will officially launch a new service this Wednesday, August 3rd for new and existing customers. As of this Wednesday and every Wednesday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. it’s Walk-in-Wednesday at SZV. During Walk-in-Wednesday it is possible for customers to apply for sickness and accident insurance or re-new their (expired) insurance card, without the requirement of making an appointment beforehand. The new service caters to all who may qualify for sickness and accident insurance from SZV, this also includes the spouse and/or child(ren) of the head insured. Customers currently insured; who are in possession of an expired insurance card or an insurance card that will soon expire may also make use of this service. The new service was created based on the expressed desire, from especially the working population to SZV, to be more flexible.

Past June, SZV held a successful pilot phase for the new service, which consisted of four (4) Walk-in-Wednesday ‘events’ and extended its opening hours by being open on Saturday June 25th. The pilot phase resulted in near triple the amount of insurance cards issued and re-newed per event. The pilot phase also contributed to an improvement of the scheduling options as the waiting time for an appointment for (new) employees was significantly reduced to 2-3 days in comparison to a previous average of 3- 4 weeks since January of this year. This was a confirmation for SZV to move forward in expanding the organization’s service offering.

“We are happy for the opportunity to be able to show our customers that we are listening and most importantly that we are continuously exploring how we can turn the recommendations into actions. It is often the case that appointments are made, time is blocked and customers don’t show up. This could be for various reasons but also leads to a congestion in the appointment system at times. The service of Walk-in-Wednesday has proven to be a good alternative to customers who require more flexibility. During the pilot phase, our customers gave us a ‘thumbs up’ to continue with Walk-in-Wednesday, so we will. With our new website, we are now also more accessible and appointments requested via our website are booked and confirmed within less than 48 hours.” – Parveen Boertje, Chief Customer Officer SZV

Customers are still encouraged to make appointments when required, the new service of Walk-in-Wednesday offers flexibility but will also create more ‘space’ to confirm short term appointment requests. All interested persons are advised to contact SZV before visiting on the Wednesday’s to take part in a pre-screening process which would help determine if one meets the qualifications, but also to get accurate information on the documents that are required when applying for sickness and accident insurance or re-newing your insurance card. SZV can be contacted by phone 546-6782, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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or via the website The website also offers general information about sickness and accident insurance as well as other insurances SZV manages and its services.

Source: St. Martin News Network
SZV Announces New Service: Walk-In-Wednesday