SZV encourages staff to be leaders within Health Sector.

szvworkshop25022016PHILIPSBURG:— On Friday February 12th, the Social and Health Insurances SZV hosted a staff conference themed ‘ Cross The Line’ in which local and international speakers including Minister of Public Health Emil Lee took to the stage and held key note sessions and workshops emphasizing customer excellence, personal development and success strategies. SZV has made a committed decision to improving the quality of its services and customer service experience by investing in the development of its staff as leaders within the health sector serving country St. Maarten. Interim Director Glen Carty presented Minister Emil Lee with SZV’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan, in which SZV identifies key strategies towards developing staff, improving customer service, sustainability of the organization, and its advisory role. The Action Plan 3.0, which is currently being executed by SZV is derived from this strategic plan.

“It was my pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to address the staff and Management of SZV on the topic of customer care. As St. Maarten’s social and health insurance company, SZV has a vital role in our community. The performance of the staff, management and board towards their customers is closely linked to the future of SZV and their financial health.” – Emil Lee – Minister of Health, Social Development and Labor

With the staff conference being the first time the Minister has directly addressed the staff of SZV, he took the opportunity to remind the staff of the important role that SZV plays for the community of St. Maarten, “The country, the neediest people depend on you. The Health of SZV determines the happiness of many of the country’s most vulnerable.” In his presentation, the Minister also gave examples of the hospitality industry where the value of a ‘good’ review vs. a ‘negative’ review may weigh heavily on a company’s reputation and sustainability in the industry. The Minister gave good practice examples of customer service and what it means to ‘go beyond the call of duty’ and ‘exceed customer expectations’ and the positive impact this can have. In closing, the Minister also expressed his commitment to SZV by stating “You can count on Minister Emil Lee as a member of team SZV.”

The conference was aimed at personal development but also had a motivational tone. SZV welcomed various speakers including Everette Taylor Jr. – CEO of Millisense from Los Angeles who spoke of Customer service vs. Customer excellence traits and the importance relentless self-improvement and how management can facilitate this.

“Coming out to St. Maarten for me was an eye opening experience, I learned a lot from interacting with the people at SZV. The conference was real and introspective, I saw that people want to make a change and that’s the first step. Progress is a process, and the executive team seems to be committed to making change. A lot of patience will be needed, there’s a lot to do – there will be pitfalls but I think the people at SZV are fully capable of breaking through. I received great feedback and my presentations seemed to resonate with the people at SZV, that’s all I can ask for. Everyone was warm and welcoming, felt at home here in SXM.” – Everette Taylor Jr.

Tess Taylor – President of N.A.R.I.P. also from Los Angeles spoke in depth to the staff about success strategies, shared methods of attentive listening and effective communication and its value for excellent customer service levels.
“I am impressed by SZV’s commitment to improve customer service. It is rare to see an organization as focused on self-evaluation and positive change as SZV, and one so dedicated that it invests in its staff and their development to enable this change. It has been a wonderful experience
for me to meet the people of SZV, who are a sincere and caring group. The health and welfare of St. Maarten’s citizens is in good hands when SZV staff approach their responsibilities with such commitment, empathy and professionalism.” – Tess Taylor
Success coach Dr. N. Erna Mae Francis Cotton also addressed the staff of SZV with ‘food for thought’ speaking of the change the organization is going through with the implementation of Action Plan 3.0 and desire to be part of this change and what is required to achieve personal success and organizational success.

“I am honored and privileged to have been part of the process of revitalizing the culture of SZV so that it lives out its mission to care for and serve the members of the St. Maarten community. I applaud the passion and enthusiasm of Mr. Glen Carty and his team for listening to the cries of the public; acknowledging that significant changes need to be made internally and most of all deciding to make positive and lasting changes at SZV. I believe that SZV is off to a great start in its process of having a great working environment for its employees and excellent customer service. I look forward to being an integral part of SZV’s change process, and seeing the transformation take place within SZV that will have a positive ripple effect on the community of St. Maarten. Kudos to you management and staff of SZV.” – Dr. N. Erna Mae Francis Cotton
All keynote speakers emphasized the importance of team work, transparency, communication, commitment and accountability as key drivers for personal success and that of SZV. The conference was deemed by management as a successful start to positive change within the organization. Management of SZV recognizes the value of its staff and has committed to facilitate a culture change where SZV can thrive internally which will automatically resonate to the improvement of the customer satisfaction experience levels.

Source: St. Martin News Network SZV encourages staff to be leaders within Health Sector.