SZV send convict unsupervised at Hotel in Santo Domingo — patients misusing funds given as daily allowance.

PHILIPSBURG:— A well-known convict that is currently at the Pointe Blanche prison was sent by SZV to the Mercure Comercial Santo Domingo as he await medical treatment. According to one patient the convict that was sent by SZV to the hotel caused a number of problems, one being he beat up his girl-friend in the lobby of the hotel while he also held up the bus that were taking patients to their appointments and held the bus hostage until he got hold of Georgegino Locadia. The patient who preferred to remain anonymous said that the patients had to come out of the bus while the driver of the bus removed the key and left the convict/patient in the bus. The patient said the convict was arrested along with his girlfriend and they were both deported from the Dominican Republic.

Apart from that incident the patient said a number of patients that are from St. Maarten are in the Dominican Republic for long periods for therapy. The patient also said that the monies SZV is giving the patients for daily allowance can support the patients but many of those patients abuse and misuse their funds, some of them will take the monies and go to do shopping and beauty parlor instead of buying their medication or lunch which they are supposed to buy.

The patient said that Mercure Comercial Santo Domingo provides breakfast and dinner to the patients that are staying at the hotel. “Each morning and night there is a buffet and patients could eat as much as they want but several patients would take food to their rooms which is not allowed. Can you imagine a patient throw the food in one of the hotel workers face when he/she was informed that they cannot take foods to their rooms. Besides that they also take the food from the hotel and go outside and feed beggars. All of this is not allowed and when the St. Maarten patients are told about their behavior they become aggressive. The allowance SZV is giving patients per week while in the Dominican Republic is the monthly salary of police officers. It is true in St. Maarten people have a higher standard of living but if they spend their monies wisely and for its intended purpose they will not have financial problems,”the patient said.

The patient said that while Locadia is from Curacao he worked in the Education department on St. Maarten for years and does have contacts here that allowed him to obtain a contract. The patients said they too could not reach Locadia by telephone but he would return their calls at night, one reason is because he knew the person personally. The patient further explained that he believe Locadia is trying is best even though he can never be reached by telephone, and one of the reasons he is not answering his phone could be because he has to deal with so many problems created by the St. Maarten patients.

Another troubling issue is that SZV sent a Guyanese national that has permanent residency on St. Maarten while she was six months pregnant to the Dominican Republic. The patient said the woman was having trouble with her pregnancy and St. Maarten Medical Center could not take the baby since there is no proper pre-natal care on the island, therefore the decision was taken to send the pregnant woman Dominican Republic for medical treatment. When the woman got to the Dominican Republic doctors there took the baby and had the child in pre-natal care for three months before the baby was discharged. Ever since the baby got discharged the mother and child is stuck in the Dominican Republic because Immigration on St. Maarten determined that the child is of Guyanese decent and cannot return to the island unless the mother travels to Guyana and obtain a Guyanese passport. The father of the child, a Dutch national had to travel to the Dominican Republic where he acknowledged his child and is now in the process of obtaining a Dutch passport so that the mother and child could travel back to St. Maarten
CEO of SZV Glen Carty confirmed the case of the mother and child that is stuck in the Dominican Republic. Carty made clear that the decision was not taken by SZV but it is an immigration issue. Asked if ABCSSS representative Mr. Georgegino Locadia has a contract with SZV and if he is living up to his contract Carty said that Locadia do have a contract and he is living up to the agreement.

Carty also expressed outrage at the amount problems SZV and its care providers are encountering with patients that are sent overseas for medical treatment. He said patients use their monies for shopping instead of attending to their medical needs, some buy and use illicit drugs, he also mentioned the fight at hotel involving a couple.
Carty said it is because of those problems that at least one hotel Mercure Comercial Santo Domingo has decided not to accept patients from St. Maarten anymore.

Source: St. Martin News Network
SZV send convict unsupervised at Hotel in Santo Domingo — patients misusing funds given as daily allowance.