Tackling Gas Station Attendant Killers sentenced to 22 years, accomplice sentenced to 15 years.

PHILIPSBURG:— The two suspects that were charged with aggravated manslaughter, extortion and accessory to illegal firearm possession regarding the brutal robbery and murder of Tackling Gas Station attendant Gerard Saulveur were sentenced by the Court of First Instance on Wednesday. The two suspects namely Runald Robinson of Nevis was sentenced to 22 years in prison for the crimes he committed. While the second suspect Brandan Dixon got 15 years as requested by the prosecutor’s office. Dixon was found guilty of committing a violent robbery which led to the deal of Saulveur.
Runald Robinson the main suspect that fired the shots at the gas station attendant is also a suspect in a murder investigation in Nevis. St. Kitts police had issued a wanted bulletin for Robinson but the Police Commissoner Ian Queely told SMN News that Robinson was indeed questioned and released however, he remains a suspect in the ongoing investigation.
In the case of Brandan Dixion, he is former convict who was shot in the leg police in the vicinity of Cost U Less in 2014 when he threatened someone with a firearm in St. Peters. While Dixon is known to police and was convicted more than once it is clear that the 22 year old young man is troubled youth who got into trouble from age 16. Despite all of that Dixon was enrolled as Bavpoler but was kicked out of the school after he was caught with a substantial amount of marijuana.
In earlier reports by SMN News it states that Robinson might have been the one that brutally murdered Latoya Flanders at her door steps in French Quarter on November 15th 2015.
It is not yet known if the attorneys representing the two suspects have appealed the court decision which was handed down early Wednesday morning.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Tackling Gas Station Attendant Killers sentenced to 22 years, accomplice sentenced to 15 years.