TelEm Group says landline migration complete, now onto mobile migration Thursday night.

pastedgraphics07092016Pond Island:— TelEm Group says, but for a very few connections, the company’s major move of residential and business subscribers from an outdated network switch to a brand new Metaswitch is now complete – with work ready to begin Thursday night transferring TelCell pre-paid mobile subscribers.
Technicians and engineers are pleased with their work on the landline migration, which has been executed over a two week period with little disruption to business and residential customers.
The technicians not, however, that the first order of the day is the lifting of a general freeze which has stalled repair works, new installations, and other technical services until all customers were moved to the new switch.
According to Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Mr. Eldert Louisa, technical staff has been working diligently for the past two weeks to very tight deadlines to ensure the bulk of their work is expedited during the night and early morning hours to have the least impact possible on residential and business customers.

“We have a substantial backlog of work to catch up on because of the freeze that was in place so we appeal to our customers who have been waiting for connections and repairs, to be a little more patient with us while we work through this backlog,” said Mr. Louisa.
He said all attention from Thursday night will be on another major migration – this time the transfer of mobile pre-paid customers from the now outdated Comverse mobile platform to a new platform from the vendor Streamwide.
The migration will begin at 10:00 pm Thursday night and is expected to be completed by 5:00 am Friday morning. Provisions are also being made in the event additional work is required during the coming weekend.
The CTO advised that because of the migration, pre-paid customers can expect to have their voice and data services interrupted at various times between 10:00 pm Thursday night and 5:00 am Friday morning.
Mr. Louisa apologized to customers for the interruption in service, which he says is unavoidable under the circumstances.
Meantime the CTO has thanked his team in the technical department for their diligence and perseverance in working through numerous problems and for many long man hours to ensure customers are reconnected as soon as possible in each affected area.

Source: St. Martin News Network
TelEm Group says landline migration complete, now onto mobile migration Thursday night.