The Board of the University of St. Maarten thanks Dr. Natasha Gittens for her contribution to the SCELL-USM.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Board of the University of St Maarten Foundation (BUSMF) announces that effective December 31st 2016 Dr. Natasha Gittens will be leaving the University of St Martin to further her career elsewhere. We and the entire team at the University of St Martin extend our sincere appreciation for the hard work and effort put forth in solidifying our business arm segment, USM-SCELL (USM School of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning).

The vice-President of the BUSMF, Mr. Wycliffe Smith, was the first to do serious work in having the USM cater to the business sector of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin (St. Martin). His idea and efforts were rekindled by the President of the USM, Dr. Francio Guadeloupe. In 2014, one hundred and fifty persons from the civil service, business sector, and NGO world, received training at the USM. These included courses in Dutch, English, and Spanish for civil servants, alongside workshops in hurricane disaster management and financial management for Windward Island Bank (WIB). Recognizing that the business arm of the USM deserved a separate branding strategy, and a director in charge of professional education and training, the BUSMF, appointed Dr. Gittens. Mrs. Valerie Giterson-Pantophlet, the President of the BUSMF, said, “Dr. Gittens was the professional the USM was looking for to develop what has become the SCELL. She invested her time, expertise, and effort, and the BUSMF invested in Dr. Gittens allowing her to obtain the appropriate credentials to become a Certified Hospitality Expert Master trainer of the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). The American Hotel Lodging Educational Institute is today housed at the USM with 3 Certified Hospitality Expert trainers, Mr. Erwin Wolthuis, Mr. Jan van Beek, and Ms. Anenda Zaandam who are teaching courses. The USM is ready to expand and make the employees on St. Martin, better experts in hospitality. Dr. Gittens, working alongside the rest of the USM management, was instrumental in achieving this. She lived up to our expectations. Dr. Gittens leaves the USM as a continuing supporter and friend of the institution. ”

The BUSMF also takes this opportunity to thank all the businesses, including many that have continuously supported the University over the years, that have been privileged to expand the skills of their staff due to the various training sessions extended by USM-SCELL. Our plans for the coming year, 2017, will continue and we will be pleased to serve the business community going forward.

Thank you once again, Dr. Gittens, the team and all the businesses who have partnered with the University of St Martin during the year.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Source: St. Martin News Network
The Board of the University of St. Maarten thanks Dr. Natasha Gittens for her contribution to the SCELL-USM.